Friday, September 18, 2015

China refutes Japan's accusation of gas exploration

China on Thursday rejected protests by Japan over the development of gas fields, which Japan said, were in a disputed part of the East China Sea, saying its work was in undisputed waters under China's jurisdiction.

"Japan has no right to make irresponsible remarks on it," said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei at a routine press briefing, adding that Japan's hype did not help bilateral dialogues and cooperation on issues regarding the East China Sea.

"We found Japan's position not constructive in promoting improvement of China-Japan ties and managing the situation in the East China Sea through dialogue," Hong said.

He urged Japan to reconsider its action in accordance with the four-point agreement, which both countries signed in November 2014, including resuming political, diplomatic and security dialogues while acknowledging different positions on the Diaoyu Islands.

China's stance remains unchanged, said the spokesperson, adding that Japan should create favorable conditions for fulfilling the agreement.

 Xinhua -


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