Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bulgaria cannot repair its jets in Russia due to EU sanctions

Bulgaria cannot take its equipment for repairs to Russia due to the EU sanctions against the Russian Federation, Bulgarian Defence Minister Nikolay Nenchev said on Saturday in a comment on a letter from the Russian aircraft manufacturing corporation MIG on the impossibility of repairing Bulgarian MIG fighter jets in Poland.

"Pursuant to the July 31, 2014, decision of the EU Council on measures against Russia we cannot continue doing the repairs and maintenance of our technologies and equipment there," he said.

The Defence Ministry’s press service also quoted him saying since the moment he took office he had been conducting persistent policy at Bulgaria’s closer integration in NATO and reducing dependence on third countries.

"It is impossible to be a part of the EU and NATO and to continue depending on the country located outside these communities," Nenchev said. In the light of it, he turned to Poland with a request to do repairs of the MIG-29 jets, which the Bulgarian Air Force has on its tables of equipment.

Nenchev claimed that Poland co do he full-scale maintenance of airworthiness of the MIG-29’s. "At present, we’re in the process of talks with Poland in order to secure a similar amount of support to our MIG-29’s."

"Poland can do full-scale modernization of the jets in line with NATO standards of its own," he said.

Earlier on Saturday, Bulgarian mass media circulated an official letter from the Director General of MIG Corporation, Sergei Korotkov, who notified Bulgaria on the impossibility of repairing the MIG fighter jets in Poland.

He said in a letter to Miho Mihov, the chairman of the defence commission in parliament that the Russian side had not issued either a license for or the current technology manuals on the repairs of engines to the Polish side.







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