Sunday, May 24, 2015

Putin enacts law banning ‘undesirable’ NGOs amid outcry

Russian President Vladimir Putin officially enacted a controversial law banning "undesirable" non-governmental organizations, the Kremlin said Saturday, in a move condemned by human rights groups across the board.

The law allows authorities to bar foreign civil society groups seen as threatening Russia's "defense capabilities" or "constitutional foundations" and go after local activists working with them, the Kremlin statement said.

Supporters presented the new law as a "preventative measure," necessary after the recent wave of Western sanctions put in place over the Ukraine conflict.

Under the law, passed by the Russian parliament this week, authorities can ban foreign NGOs and go after their employees, who risk up to six years in prison or being barred from the country. It also allows them to block the bank accounts of the organizations until the NGOs "account for their actions" to the Russian authorities.

Lawmakers cited the need to stop "destructive organizations" working in Russia, which could threaten the "value of the Russian state" and stir up "color revolutions." 
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  • US Is 'Deeply Troubled' by Russia's 'Undesirable' NGO Law

The United States has expressed concern over a new Russian law giving prosecutors the right to declare foreign and international non-governmental organizations "undesirable" and to fine or jail Russians who are involved with them.

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