Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Estonia doubts if it can house African refugees under proposed EU quota scheme

The European Commission’s controversial proposal all EU member countries should take in refugees under a quota scheme has drawn a skeptical reaction from the Interior Minister of Estonia, Hanno Pevkur.
In particular, Pevkur doubts his country’s ability to participate in the EU’s collective effort, should the initiative be given a go-ahead.

"The available infrastructures as they are, Estonia will be unable to house any extra asylum-seekers," Pevkur said in a radio interview on Wednesday.

The proposed quotas would be determined using a number of factors, including a country's population, economic indicators and the number of asylum seekers previously accepted.

"We have to show more solidarity," commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in a video message on Wednesday in Brussels. "We will put in place a system of quotas that makes it easier, in an equitable and mutually supportive way, to allocate refugees who ask for and are entitled to asylum."

European leaders will discuss the proposals at a summit at the end of June. The initiative is to be agreed by all EU states.

  • The Estonian interior minister remarked that his country did not reject the idea of hosting forced migrants in principle, but for that it would need financial investment.
"If the corresponding decisions are made, the issue will be taken to the level of parliament and government," Pevkur said, adding that there was no opportunity of creating the required infrastructures at the expense of the national budget.




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  1. Erdoğan calls on Europe to welcome more migrants...

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called on Europe to take in more migrants and refugees from Syria and Iraq, saying his own country has borne the brunt of the refugee crisis and has been sheltering about 2 million people.

    During a visit to Albania on May 13, Erdoğan said Turkey has spent $5.6 billion to care for 1.7 million Syrians and 300,000 Iraqis in refugee camps or living in Turkish cities.

    Speaking after meeting with his Albanian counterpart Bujar Nishani, Erdoğan said developed countries should do their “duty” and offer solutions for the migration crisis. Hundreds of migrants have died so far this year in sea crossings trying to reach Europe.

    Erdoğan is visiting Albania to discuss increasing economic ties with the small Balkan nation, heading a delegation of about 100 businessmen.

    During his visit, Erdoğan will to inaugurate the start of construction on a 20,000-square-meter mosque to be built next to the parliament building in the capital Tirana. The Namazgah Mosque will put an end to praying on the main Boulevard Martyrs of the Nation during Muslim religious ceremonies.

    Albania’s 3.2 million population is predominantly Muslim.


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