Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bulgarian PM proposes creating gas hub on border with Turkey

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said on Thursday at a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry that he favored the idea of creating a gas hub on the border with Turkey.

“An intersystem gas pipeline with Greece should be built using European money.
Besides, I acquainted our partners with our joint idea with the European Commission to build a gas hub on the Turkish border, if the project (for the construction of a gas pipeline between Russia and Turkey) is really implemented,” Borisov said.
The Bulgarian premier also confirmed a ban on shale gas extraction in Bulgaria using the hydraulic fracturing method. 
“We have stated on numerous occasions that unless a technology is found to guarantee the absence of environmental problems in the most fertile part of Bulgaria, we’ll keep the moratorium on shale gas extraction. Our position is clear and understandable to our partners,” the Bulgarian premier said.

Gazprom head Alexey Miller said on Wednesday that EU countries should hurry up with the construction of infrastructure to receive Russian natural gas from the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project.
“They have a maximum of several years for this. This is a very tight schedule. To comply with it, work for the construction of new trunk gas pipelines should be started in EU countries right now. Otherwise, these gas volumes may be redirected to other markets,” the Gazprom head said.

The Turkish Stream gas pipeline project is the sole route for Russia’s future supplies of 63 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Europe currently delivered via Ukraine, Miller said.

The Gazprom head made this statement in response to a question about the fate of Russia’s South Stream gas pipeline project.

“The project is closed. The Turkish Stream is the sole route, which can deliver 63 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas transited across Ukraine so far. There are no other options,” Miller said.
Gazprom has notified its European partners about its Turkish Stream gas pipe plans and now their task is to create the necessary gas transport infrastructure from the border of Turkey and Greece, the Gazprom head said.


  1. Gazprom warns EU to link to Turkey pipeline or lose Russian gas ...

    Russian energy giant Gazprom has urged the European Union to link up to its planned energy pipeline to Turkey or lose the gas that now transits Ukraine.

    “The Turkish Stream is the only route along which 63 billion cubic meters of Russian gas can be supplied, which at present transit Ukraine. There are no other options,” Gazprom chief Alexei Miller said on Jan. 14, after a meeting with the new European Commissioner for Energy Union, Maros Sefcovic, in Moscow.

    Russia now plans to build a new gas pipeline to Turkey, which it already supplies through an existing pipeline called Blue Stream, turning Turkey into a key transit center for Russian gas.................

  2. Η Gazprom Ζητά Από την Ε.Ε. την Επίσπευση του Νέου Αγωγού Αερίου Μέσω Τουρκίας-Ελλάδας...

    Οι όγκοι του ρωσικού φυσικού αερίου, που περνούν μέσα από την Ουκρανία, θα στραφούν προς την Τουρκία και η Ευρώπη πρέπει να βιαστεί να κατασκευάσει υποδομές διακίνησης του φυσικού αυτού αερίου, ώστε να είναι σε θέση να το παραλάβει στο νέο «σημείο παράδοσης-παραλαβής» στα σύνορα Τουρκίας και Ελλάδας, δήλωσε, σύμφωνα με το ρωσικό πρακτορείο ειδήσεων Ιντερφάξ, ο επικεφαλής της Gazprom Αλεξέι Μίλερ.

    Κατά το πρακτορείο, αυτή είναι η νέα διαπραγματευτική θέση της ρωσικής πλευράς έναντι της ΕΕ και ανακοινώθηκε στην πρώτη επίσκεψη στη Ρωσία του αντιπροέδρου της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής αρμόδιου για την Ενέργεια Μάρος Σέφτσοβιτς................

  3. Le projet Turkish Stream prendra plus de temps que South Stream (Gazprom) ...

    La construction d'un gazoduc vers la Turquie, baptisé Turkish Stream, prendra plus de temps que la mise en œuvre du projet South Stream, a annoncé Sergueï Kouprianov, porte-parole du groupe gazier russe Gazprom.

    "Ce projet demandera un peu plus de temps que South Stream", a déclaré M. Kouprianov sur les ondes de la radio Kommersant FM, précisant que "les travaux de conception effectués dans le cadre du projet South Stream se trouvaient à une étape plus avancée".

    "Concernant le gazoduc Turkish Stream, nous devons réaliser une série de travaux supplémentaires. Le projet avancera plus vite lorsque nous aurons défini avec Ankara le point de sortie du pipeline sur le littoral turc", a précisé Sergueï Kouprianov...............


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