Friday, November 28, 2014

Divergence of views no obstacle to bilateral partnership between Russia and Turkey (Putin)

Russia and Turkey may adhere to different views but this divergence of opinion is not a hindrance to bilateral partnership, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the news agency Anadolu on the eve of his visit to Turkey.
“Due to such intensive multidimensional ties, Turkish-Russian relations remain stable, not depending on the current situation and maintaining continuity. Naturally, our positions on some issues might not be exactly the same or may even differ. This is natural for states carrying out independent foreign policy,” Putin said.

“At the same time and above all, we understand the importance of partnership between our countries and our peoples and a common desire to continue the mutually beneficial dialogue, which is highly appreciated by Russia,” Putin remarked.

Putin hopes that his visit to Turkey due on December 1 will prove an important stage in advancing bilateral relations.

“Together with President of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan we are going to discuss the main issues of Russian-Turkish cooperation, including the implementation of strategic joint projects in the energy sector. We are going to review the results of our cooperation over the last year and outline future tasks. And of course, we will exchange views on key international and regional problems,” Putin said.............................


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  1. Putin: Russland würdigt weitblickende Haltung der Türkei ...

    Der russische Präsident Wladimir Putin hält die Haltung der Türkei, die beschlossen hat, keine Sanktionen gegen Russland zu verhängen, für weitblickend und hat eine positive Einstellung zu Ankaras Absichten, den Export von Fleisch, Milch, Fisch, Gemüse und Obst nach Russland zu vergrößern..........


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