Monday, September 8, 2014

SYRIZA MEPs question legitimacy of Western Balkans conference within the EU institutional framework (FYROM news)

PRESS RELEASE – 09/08/14

Subject: Question of SYRIZA MEPs to the European Commission on the circumvention of European institutions by Germany, regarding the conference it organised on the Western Balkans.

The six SYRIZA MEPs (D.. Papadimoulis, M. Glezos C.. Katrougalos, GA. Kuneva, GA. Chrysogonos, S.. Sakorafas) have brought before the European Commission the subject of the conference on the Western Balkans organized by the German government in August, with selected entries and outside the institutional framework of the EU.

SYRIZA MEPs stress that institutions such as the Regional Cooperation Council, but also the chair of the EU, Italy, were overridden. In addition, there were discussions on bilateral issues, in absentia of countries concerned. A characteristic example is the discussion around the name of FYROM, while Greece did not participate in the conference.

The Greek MEPs ask the European Commission, who represents the text of the Declaration of the Conference Bureau. They also ask the question whether the references, which happen to be exclusively to german government and business initiatives, are consistent with the achievement of a common EU policy in SE Europe.

The text of the question is as follows:

The German government organized in Berlin on August 28, a Conference on the accession perspective of the Western Balkan countries in the presence of the countries of former Yugoslavia, Albania, selected EU countries (France, Austria) and the European Commission, with the participation of President M. Barroso and Enlargement Commissioner S. Fule.

Given that this initiative completely overrides the existing institutional framework of the EU, we ask the Commission:

- In which institutional context does the German initiative belong, when there are regional institutions, such as the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC / RCC) and SE Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP / SEECP), which the Commission participates actively and finances?

- What are the criteria for participation in this initiative, given that these regional institutions and European countries that are involved in them, such as Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, as well as the President of the EU Italy, were not invited to participate, more so when the Declaration of the Bureau refers to bilateral issues directly concerning other Member States (Greece and nomenclature FYROM)?

- Who represents the text of the Declaration of the Bureau? The references, and what’s more, exclusively to german government and business initiatives are consistent with the achievement of a common EU policy in SE Europe?


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