Tuesday, September 2, 2014

EU's incoming FM, Federica Mogherini, appreciates Moldova's pro-EU but not anti-Russian approach

"Moldova is an example for the states with European aspirations, especially because it chose the path to the West and simultaneously wants to keep the good relations with the East," visiting Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini Monday told her Moldovan counterpart Iurie Leanca.

Mogherini came to Moldova for a meeting of the European Action Group for Moldova. It is Mogherini's first visit abroad after her designation on Saturday as EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Mogherini said it was symbolic that it was Moldova she paid her first visit to after assuming the office. "Symbolism is very important, but the accomplishments are also important," the official promised her full support for Moldova's European choice.

Leanca congratulated Mogherini on her appointment as the EU's foreign policy chief and wished her success, according to a release of the government's press service, reaching here from Chisinau.

"Everything that is taking place in the EU is important for the countries situated in its neighbor, including Moldova. We have common Latin origins that draw us closer," he stated.

Moldova initiated its Association Agreement with the EU at a November 2013 summit meeting in Vilnius of the Eastern Partnership Program, and the document, which includes the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, was signed in Brussels on June 27.

Leanca stressed on different occasions that Moldova's European integration should not preclude the country from enhancing, improving, enriching its relationship with Russia.

The Chisinau authorities sent official delegations to Moscow to discuss with the Russian partners, amid multiple economic embargoes imposed by the latter on Moldovan fresh fruits, canned vegetables and wines, in response to the country's political and economic association with the EU.

Foreign ministers of EU countries gathered Monday in Chisinau for a meeting of the European Action Group for Moldova, in a sign of support for the former Soviet republic's EU ambition.

Sources: Xinhua - globaltimes.cn



  1. Ucraina, Mogherini: "Colpa di Mosca se non è più un partner strategico"...

    KIEV - E' un j'accuse al Cremlino quello del ministro degli Esteri al Parlamento europeo, Federica Mogherini. In una conferenza stampa, a Bruxelles, spiega che per scelta di Mosca" non esiste "più un partenariato strategico" con la Russia. Anche se è "impossibile affermare che non sia nel nostro interesse" cercare di ristabilire in futuro condizioni di partnership" e ricorda che "domani la commissione preparerà il pacchetto" delle nuove sanzioni europee per la Russia e "la decisione si prenderà venerdì". In Ucraina orientale "la situazione sul terreno sta diventando sempre più drammatica. Parliamo di un'aggressione. E' necessario reagire nel modo più forte possibile in modo da mettere pressione per trovare una soluzione politica", aggiunge ancora Mogherini.......................http://www.repubblica.it/esteri/2014/09/02/news/ucraina_kiev_evoca_una_grande_guerra_contro_la_russia-94846715/?rss

  2. Putin: Moscow Ready to Search Compromise Over Moldova, Ukraine’s EU Association...

    Moscow is ready to search for a compromises and settle differences caused by Moldova and Ukraine’s EU association, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the CIS summit Friday.

    “We need to settle the existing differences and find compromise solutions. We think that all members of the free trade zone treaty of the Commonwealth of Independent States are interested in this,” the Russian president said.

    Putin recalled that the European Union postponed a free trade zone with Ukraine under the Association Agreement until January 1, 2016 and until that time the emerging problems should be solved.

    Moldova and Ukraine signed EU association agreements on June 27. The agreement envisages the establishment of a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the EU. The two countries also have free-trade agreements with Russia within the CIS framework.

    Moscow has repeatedly expressed deep concern over Moldova and Ukraine's signing of the agreement, saying it would be forced to protect its market once it faces an uncontrolled flow of duty-free goods from the EU.


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