Tuesday, January 14, 2014

“Skopje toward reyugoslavisation and against Bulgarians”. - FYROM News

Skopje, January 14, 2014/ Balkan Independent News Agency

Cultural Bulgarian Club in Skopje has expressed its concern over the violation of the rights of Bulgarian community in FYROM. This organization assesses that this country is heading toward reyugoslavisation, thus compromising the image of an independent state which is an EU member candidate.

CBC’s declaration comes a day after the desecration of the commemorating plaque of the Bulgarian patriot, Mara Buneva in Skopje. 

     CBC has considered this incident “a barbarian act against a commemoration plaque of a Bulgarian heroine who gave her life at a young age in order to punish a criminal and servant of the occupying and tyrant Serb regime”.

Cultural Bulgarian Club declared that police is protecting the monument of the Serb king, Tsar Dushan and that it’s not interested to protect Buneva’s symbolic plaque. 

The new monuments of king Tsar Dushan and Josip Broz Tito, against which public opinion has justly protested, are being protected by police day and night. Meanwhile, Mara Buneva’s commemoration plaque is being destroyed every year in the same manner destroyed during the time of the Serb Kingdom or Tito’s Yugoslavia. Cultural monuments and Bulgarian cemeteries which are part of the history of the "Vardar’s Macedonia" have been constantly desecrated”, says the Cultural Bulgarian Club in Skopje. /ibna/


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